Kia Oho Ake focuses on applying the hierarchy of controls supporting ākonga (learners) to choose safer controls to help keep themselves and those around them safe and healthy.

Using Quick Prints (see the resources below) will take 15–30-minutes and each health and safety learning experience is designed to be incorporated into all teaching programmes.

WorkSafe education resources include Pickled and health and safety modules on Pathways Awarua.

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Airborne Risks (PDF, 862kb) - NEW December 2022

Communication about Dust (PDF, 204kb) - NEW December 2022

Communicating about Fatigue (PDF, 214kb) - NEW December 2022

Controlling UV Radiation Risks (PDF, 234kb) - NEW December 2022

Dusty Work (PDF, 897kb) - NEW December 2022

Fatigue at Work (PDF, 208kb) - NEW December 2022

Aches and Pains (PDF, 601kb)

Aku Mātāpono (my values) (PDF, 177kb)

Asbestos (PDF, 589kb)

Communication (PDF, 198kb)

Controlling Dust (PDF, 613kb)

Dehydration (PDF, 1.55mb)

Hierarchy of Controls (PDF, 408kb)

Kōrero Tatou (PDF, 212kb)

Not Part of the Job (PDF, 1.96mb)

Parts of Scaffolding (PDF, 224kb)

Stop or Stress (PDF, 1.99mb)

The Noise Path (PDF, 433kb)

What Makes the Noise (PDF, 221kb)

Who's Got Your Back (PDF, 1.99mb)

Working at Heights (PDF, 733kb)