Contextualised learning

Contextualised learning improves the relevance of learning programmes for young people through connections to the world of work. It can improve the retention of students in education and encourage them to progress to, and excel in, careers they are passionate about.

When considering contexts for learning, think about how your learning programmes:

  • build on the principles of The New Zealand Curriculum and Te Mātauranga o Aotearoa graduate profile
  • ensure that the contexts chosen meet the needs and interests of your students, as well as opening up opportunities
  • support the development of the key competencies valued in the workplace
  • incorporate sound teaching and learning delivery approaches
  • make connections to other areas of learning, and students’ experiences

Principles underpinning programme design

The following three principles underpin the Vocational Pathways programme design as aligned to the principles of The New Zealand Curriculum.

Principle 1: Programmes of learning and courses are student-centred

Principle 2: Programmes of learning and courses consist of coherent knowledge and skills

Principle 3: Programmes of learning are within a coherent learning pathway, leading to New Zealand qualifications and employment