Purpose of the Services Academies programme

  • Raise student achievement at NCEA level 2 or higher.
  • Ensure student achievement of level 1 literacy and numeracy at a minimum.
  • Motivate students to stay engaged in learning and training by providing them with the skills and experience to make good decisions about their future.
  • Prepare students to transition into tertiary education, vocational training or employment.
  • Support students to develop their self-confidence through participation in youth life skills and leadership courses.
  • Ensure students are provided with opportunities to develop their sense of identity, language and culture.
  • Improve student attendance at school.
  • Allow students to set goals in relation to their education, well-being, and future pathways in tertiary education, vocational training and employment. 

It is expected that students enrolled in the Services Academies’ programme will achieve the following outcome(s):

  • NCEA level 1 literacy and numeracy as a minimum
  • an NCEA level 2 or higher qualification
  • remain in secondary school education or transition to tertiary education, vocational training or employment
  • demonstrate improved self-confidence and motivation in terms of their decision-making about their future.

You can find more information about service academies including a list of schools that operate them on the TKI website

For more information please email service.academies@education.govt.nz