Update for Tertiary sector - deliverers of NCEA

The government has announced additional support for NCEA students to help mitigate the impact of the continuing disruption from COVID-19. This recognises students in Auckland lost 13 days of classroom-based learning in August following the resurgence of COVID in the community.

Auckland students working towards NCEA can earn up to six (6) extra Learning Recognition (LR) Credits at Level 1, and up to four (4) extra LR credits at Levels 2 and 3. The credits required for these students to be awarded a Certificate Endorsement have been reduced by two (2) further credits, from 46 credits to 44 credits at Merit or Excellence level.

Similar measures will be applied in other regions should COVID-related school closures occur during the remainder of the 2020 school year.

In addition, there may be a small number of other circumstances where it could be appropriate to apply the expanded Learning Recognition Credits changes. NZQA and the Ministry of Education will determine the criteria for considering these.

These measures build on the existing changes to NCEA, which apply to all NCEA students across the country. For students outside of Auckland, every 5 credits they gain towards their NCEA entitles them to one extra LR credit – up to a total of 10 for Level 1 students and a maximum of 8 additional credits for Level 2 or 3 students. For more information on the changes to NCEA, see the NZQA website - https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/ncea/understanding-ncea/changes-to-ncea-and-ue-for-2020/.

What does this mean for tertiary providers delivering NCEA in 2020?

Students who are enrolled this year in a tertiary Vocational Pathway or NCEA programme, such as a Youth Guarantee Fees Free programme, are also eligible for the LR credits.

Even if a student doesn’t gain an NCEA qualification this year, these additional credits can be used towards an NCEA in a future year.

Tertiary Education Organisations should not report these credits as ‘delivered’. It is expected that Tertiary Education Organisations will still deliver full programmes to students. Learning Recognition Credits will be calculated for each student when 2020 NCEA results are released early next year.