Advice for schools and wider providers

Students participating in secondary-tertiary and workplace-based learning courses can attend onsite with these providers – these include Secondary-Tertiary Programmes (more commonly known as Trades Academies), Secondary-Tertiary Alignment Resource (STAR) funded courses, and Gateway funded work-place learning. Schools can work with the partner provider to confirm onsite and/or distance learning arrangements. Providers may be a tertiary education organisation [TEO], Trades Academy Lead Provider, or employer. All decisions about staff and students must be in line with Alert Level 2 public health requirements:


  • In secondary education, all young people in Years 11 – 13+ can attend school. This means secondary-tertiary and/or workplace-based learning activities can be undertaken on the school site at the school’s discretion. If the school’s delivery capacity is restricted, schools may wish to prioritise learning activities that cannot be delivered by distance learning over other subjects that can be.
  • There are no restrictions on student/teacher class numbers, however, physical distancing requirements may be required if students attend from other schools, or external individuals support teaching or associated activities where contact tracing cannot easily be carried out.
  • In tertiary education, classes, lectures, labs, workshops, tutorials, noho, and meetings are allowed, but should be strictly managed to ensure public health control measures for TEOs are in place, such as contact tracing. 
  • This means secondary-tertiary learning can be undertaken on the tertiary site, although restrictions may be applied by the TEO to ensure public health control measures are complied with.
  • Close-contact courses may resume and should operate in accordance with the public health control measures that apply to that specific occupation (e.g. hairdressing). This applies whether the training is conducted in the workplace, or on-site at a tertiary facility.
  • Workplace-based learning can resume for most businesses, and should be managed within the public health control measures that apply to that workplace. You should liaise with the employer delivering the workplace learning to determine their current readiness and any alternative learning options available for students.
  • We recommend that you contact your partner provider (e.g. Trades Academy Lead Provider, or other tertiary delivery partner) to confirm learning arrangements for students under Alert Level 2. Decisions on the specific arrangements for resuming on-site learning in a tertiary or workplace setting will be made on a case-by-case basis by each TEO (or employer) in consultation with school partners.
  • Contact details for Trades Academy Lead Providers and TEOs delivering foundation qualifications can be found on the Youth Guarantee website.